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You may feel uneasy in the beginning because you have learned to depend on your eyes, not ears, to understand English. But learning through hearing is what you need to practice in mastering a language. Try the AEL program now and see how effective it is.

“Try out the free demo. Then create an account and take the free evaluation test to determine your level. You can start your first lesson after you subscribe to the program.”

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Spelling and vocabulary lessons are free.


Vocabulary lesson is done by listening, not reading.


The vocabulary practice is to train your ears.

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You do not need a textbook, pencil, or paper.


Remember, you are training your ears!

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Starting at the right level is critical. Since you will not learn English through reading, you need to start at the right level.

Having studied English many years does not matter here.


Your listening ability is different from your reading ability.


Forget about what you think about your ability and let’s take the listening test.

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Once you start, it is important to continue every day. This is to stimulate and grow your neurons in the Broca’s area.

You can acquire English listening skills easily.


Once you grow your Broca’s area, you can understand spoken English.


Your English skills depends on how well you grow the Broca’s area.

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AEL program offers extra help for people who need it. For an individual or an entire class, contact us.

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Extra Help for People who need it

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